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Berkeley Estates & Management was created by ex-professional footballer Joe Burnell who was fed up with the estate agencies on offer due to high fees and impersonal service. His vision was to create an estate agency that embraced the latest technology in order to empower his team and help provide the best service possible. After years of trial and error we are happy to provide you with the most comprehensive property management service in the Bristol area. Our differentiating features include:


  • We are proud to provide you with the most professional and complete property reports on the market. To give you the most accurate representation of your property and help protect you from tenant induced damage. 

  • We offer Competitive fees, with further reductions for portfolio clients and friendly professional advice to guide you through whatever situation you find yourself in.

  • We are utilising the most up to date technology to pioneer the push towards greater transparency that is uncommon in the current industry standards. We provide you with 24/7 access to key information including maintenance issues and tenancy information using PropertyFile and Sorbet. These are both exciting start-ups and should propel the property industry into the future.

  • A personal service provided by true Bristolians.


We look forward to helping you in your property journey.


Thank you for your time.